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Marlon here.

This is the Affiliate Success Letter, and its goal is to help you make sales and commissions as an affiliate promoting products from others.

  • New strategies for fast commission-getting
  • Simple commission-getting methods ANYONE can use
  • Tested, proven strategies you can put to work
  • Interviews with BIG income-making super affiliates

I want you to succeed at the highest level possible, promoting products from JVZoo, Clickbank, Warriorplus or stand alone programs.

If you haven't seen an issue yet, check out the sample issue here.

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1. How to Use Viral E-courses To Get People On Your List

    and Make Bux
2. How to Succeed Wildly As An Affiliate Using The 1-Step

    Ahead Method
3. How to 10X Your Affiliate Success Via a Method Almost

    No One Else Uses -- This Is BIG!
4. Deep Dive On How To Promote ON Social Media Plus

    a Super Affiliate EXCLUSIVE Audio
5. 4 Methods To Stomp The Competition In Contests
6. How an Ex Teacher Rocketed To $1k a Day Via Launch Jacking
7. 9 Steps to Launch An Affiliate Promo That Works
8. Awesome secret to ranking Youtube videos and blog posts
9. The one thing you must do every day
10. Easy way to build your mailing list
11. Easy way to build your mailing list
12. 14 ways to cash in on a humdinger offer
13. How to sleigh your subject lines and emails to hop up

      your sales
14. The secret backdoor to affiliate profits
15. Easy way to get passive affiliate commissions
16. How to get your links and promote
17. 4 steps to affiliate sales
18. How and why to wash your affiliate clicks
20. How and why to wash your affiliate clicks
21. How to overcome the "nothing works" syndrome and

      blow up your sales, improve your relationships, solve

      problems and so much more.
22. The surprising truth about affiliate sales
23. How to rake in bigger commissions
24. Three secrets to sales copy that makes you more affiliate sales
25. How to choose a page builder with confidence and save money
26. The most powerful bonus to add to ANY product

By being my affiliate, you not only get commissions that increase the more you sell, you also get FREE products from me that go up to $2,000 in value. More in a minute.

I use my own version of this method with my newsletter and it's amazing how well it works. You'll see it in action in my FB group every week.

Plus, You Get Instant Access


Get The Greatest PDF Ever Written On FREE Viral Traffic Long Lost But At Last Available Again

It's a long lost classic. The greatest ebook ever written on viral traffic by Jimmy D. Brown. The first thing he asked me was if I could send him a copy of this masterpiece. 

You need traffic and you don't want to pay for it. This can turn on your traffic tap in as fast as 24 hours -- and actually make you money.

This unique method fell out of use because people misused it. But now, it's a whole new opportunity as virtually no one uses it. The market couldn't be more open.

And just for trying out the Affiliate Success Letter for a buck, you get INSTANT ACCESS to this long lost treasure.

Here are some facts that were true when Jimmy first published this free viral traffic treasure: 

FACT: Jimmy's new 3,000 square foot home was paid for by affiliate commissions that were generated completely with free advertising!

FACT: Jimmy's "Profit Pulling Updates" list that was built completely with free advertising ought in in $5K - $10K every month! 

FACT: He didn't buy an ad in 3 years. Yet he continued to receive tens of thousands of visitors to his sites each month, pull in huge profits and add thousands of new opt-in subscribers to my lists.

Here are just a few of the things you'll discover:

  • How to set up your own "automated profit generators" to generate completely free traffic to any web site or affiliate page you choose!
  • How to automatically build opt-in email lists for any topic without spending a penny on advertising!
  • Exactly what "viral marketing" really is -- explained in simple terms that anyone can understand ... and revealed so anyone can use it over and over again!
  • The exact formula that I use to create viral eBooks out of thin air anytime I want to promote any offer I want ... 5 easy steps for you to duplicate!
  • How to get people to actually pass on your viral eBook to others who in turn pass them on to their contacts ... I'll tell you exactly how I get thousands of people to distribute my eBooks! 

  • How to get people to download your eBook, read it and respond to your offers inside so you can actually make money! 

  • A paint-by-numbers system for quickly and easily putting together your own free eBook that anyone can follow! 

  • The one "secret weapon" that virtually guarantees your success with these "automated profit generators!" 

  • 5 keys to success that have allowed me to make an incredible 6-figure income by giving away free eBooks! 

  • 3 easy keys to unleashing a free publicity monster you can use to promote any offer you want by giving away free eBooks! 

  • The one secret to getting people to actually buy from you so you can make money with viral marketing! 

  • The fastest way to get your viral eBook spread around the web so you can see quick results to your web site hit counter! 

  • The absolute easiest way to make money with viral eBooks on "autopilot".

Of course, some of Jimmy's methods need a little updating for 2020 in terms of the software you use. That's where Affiliate Success Letter comes in. It's the only letter for affiliates training you hard core each week in how to haul in sales and commissions as an affiliate for info products and software.


Passive Income Affiliate Secret -- How I make $12,000 up to $35,000 in 100% passive affiliate commissions every month for years

I've made as much as $7500 a month from pure passive income. Currently it's over $1,000 a month. But this has come in for years and years. I'll explain to you the secret and how you can use the same method in YOUR marketing. 

Imagine having income come in every month like clockwork that you literally don't lift a finger to get. That's the power of this method.


How to Build Your Own Affiliate Army That Fuels Your Affiliate Sales Machine

This is an awesome PDF written by an affiliate who did it. You can use this same exact method to have your own affiliates building your list and fueling your affiliate commissions hayday.

Want My Next Affiliate Success Letter?

It's $1 for a 30-day trial. Then it's $5 a month. The main reason I charge is it allows me to pay you a commission for promoting it. If it's free, I can't pay you a commission.

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When you get only 3 of your affiliate friends to take a $1 trial, you'll get the $27 outstanding PDF for FREE on how to build your OWN affiliate army. 

Yup, the best way to become a super affiliate is to have a product or two or your own that you get other affiliates to promote for you.

Once you have 3 people sign up for $1 trials to the Affiliate Success Letter, just post to and give me your name, email, and Warriorplus affiliate name. I'll comp you right away.

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Not only that, you can get my PREMIUM Take the Lid Off Your Income Course FREE also when you get 20 people to take a $1 trial to the Affiliate Success Letter.

As soon as you have 20 people who take a $1 trial, just post to me right here and I'll hook you up with the Basic version of Take the Lid Off Your Income, one of absolute best trainings.  

When you get 50 people to take trials to the Affiliate Success Letter, I'll upgrade you to the $200 Plus version of Take the Lid Off.

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Get My $2,000 Amazing Formula Reloaded Course FREE

Finally, by selling my products, you can get my $1,000 Amazing Formula Reloaded course for FREE.  Just $5,000 in total sales and you get

How To Get Approved As An Affiliate

1.  If you're an existing affiliate, register to be an affiliate for the Affiliate Success Letter.

Depending on your stats in Warriorplus as an affiliate, you may be approved. But if you aren't, relax. There are other ways to get approved, as long as your refunds are under 5%.  If your refunds are over that, message me on and I'll handle it on a case-by-case basis.

2.  Subscribe to the Affiliate Success Letter

I'll approve you on a provisional basis.  Your ongoing approval will depend on your percentage of refunds and chargebacks.  You need to have refunds under 5% and chargebacks under 1% and continue on at the $5 / month level after 30 days.

3.  Are you an owner of any of my other products?

If so, I take this into heavy consideration when you apply.  Be sure to give me your name, the email address you log in with and the products you own.

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And I NOT ONLY show you how to promote Affiliate Success Letter and my Daddy Long Legs Funnel, you'll get the inside scoop on cashing in with about ANY affiliate program.

My goal is YOUR SUCCESS and prosperity as an affiliate, even if you never promote ANY of my products.  Of course, I hope you will.  But my goal is your success and continual increasing income as an affiliate.

This is a FUN Game and it's one you CAN win in. That's what makes it very rewarding.

You Get Up To 75% On This Whole Funnel
(And I'll Keep Adding Products)

Here's The Current Affiliate Success Letter Funnel

(15 products in the funnel and increasing)

As you can see from the illustration below, there are 3 recurring billing products you make money with, in addition to a $197 and $375 upsell.

Get your $1 trial 30-day subscription to the Affiliate Success Letter here.  

After that, it's only $5 a month to get the best affiliate cash getting methods and tools sent direct to you via email.

(That's the easiest way to get approved as an affiliate and then you'll have access to tools you can use to promote it asap.)

Not only that, I currently have a total of 15 products in the funnel (and growing).  

a. When you refer someone to The Affiliate Success Letter, a 60-day tracking cookie is set by Warriorplus.

b.  If your referral buys any of the 15 products during the 60-day window, you get the commissions as long as you were the last tracking cookie set.

c.  If they subscribe to the Affiliate Success Letter, you get the commission.

d.  But it gets even better for you.  See, I've developed this as a "Daddy Long Legs" funnel.  That means I've developed ways for you to profit BEYOND the OTO's, and beyond the 60-day tracking cookie window.

For example, I'll be making rebrandable pdf's available to you for a modest fee.  And my new product launch will have an ecourse you can promote.

And I'm putting affiliate links in this newsletter.  When your referrals click, guess what?  The tracking cookie countdown refreshes and starts over!

That's the beauty of the Affiliate Success Letter.

It keeps your affiliate tracking cookies fresh, whilst you are learning a ton of great affiliate marketing methods and secrets.  And helping others do the same.

e.  Finally, we top it off with 3 recurring billing programs

That's why I say Affiliate Success Letter pays you BEYOND the launch. And keeps paying you.  All you do is send people to check out the Affiliate Success Letter sample or sales page.

The system does everything else for you.

Of course, you'll be getting banners, rebrandable pdf's (for a modest fee), ecourses and much more.

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